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[EN] GuardIoT announces first Production Release of its Service!

Updated: Nov 3, 2020

2. 10. 2020, Prague, Czech Republic

Press Release – GuardIoT announces first Production Release of its Service!

We are happy to officially announce our first Production Release of GuardIoT Service allowing our customers to onboard the GuardIoT Solution in a matter of days!

GuardIoT is a Cybersecurity startup established in February 2020 in Prague, Czech Republic. After successful graduation from Startup Wise Guys Cybernorth 2 Acceleration program, we are now ready to serve the market with Solution of On-Premise Vulnerability Assessment as a Service. After successful delivery of the MVP in May 2020, and after successful delivery of the paid Proof of Concept with CE region capital municipality, we have delivered a comprehensive Case Study on Cybersecurity of Camera networks verifying our assumption that IoT networks are still often identified and treated as second-grade networks. This one and many other concerns retaining in our Customer User Stories supported the official release of GuardIoT Service v1.0 allowing Public institutions, SMBs and Large Enterprises to fully enjoy UVP of GuardIoT Service!

GuardIoT is a combination of hardware and software. To every segment of Customer network, we do provide a single GuardIoT HW Probe. We do also provide On-Premise GuardIoT Management Engine (GME) giving our Customers full control over the Solution based and driven by their Cybersecurity needs. Currently, we are supporting many Camera vendors including BOSCH, Geutebrück, Arecont Vision and other ONVIF-compatible devices), and we are mapping in detail all discovered devices in the Protected networks to identify potential Risks to the Protected environment.

Our Service is available for SMB Use Cases covering one segment of the network up to complex Use Cases covering hundreds of Protected Networks. Our beachhead is Camera networks, but we are capable of onboarding any IoT device out there in a matter of two weeks to provide full functionality of GuardIoT Service to any new device vertical out there.

In case You are interested in how secure are Your IoT in the real-time Operations or if You are looking for a Continuous Solution of securing higher Cybersecurity standard of Your production environment, please contact us for a Demo or let's have a chat about how can We help You in addressing Your (not just) Cybersecurity needs.

Jakub Rybar, CEO

[email protected]


More info and DEMO request: https://guardiot.io

Webinar on Cybersecurity of Camera networks: https://event.webinarjam.com/register/4/7qz3nbn

-- Other GuardIoT Resources:

GuardIoT SaaS DEMO Service: https://demo.guardiot.io

GuardIoT Customer Documentation: https://docs.guardiot.io

GuardIoT Threat Intelligence: https://misp.guardiot.io

GuardIoT Service Desk: https://support.guardiot.io

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