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Continuous​ Vulnerability Assessment as a Service for IoT networks

Protection against vulnerabilities caused by wrong segmentation

Protection against vulnerabilities from

device misconfiguration

Protection against vulnerabilities from

user mismanagement

Complete automated

firmware control and exploitability check

Practical Use Case scenario of Vulnerability Assessment of the Camera networks Use Case


Management Engine


Protected Assets

GuardIoT HW Probes allows effective and reliable network scanning, discovering new devices and checking changes in protected networks.

​For every single segment, we are deploying a GuardIoT HW Probe to auto-discover IoT networks.

GuardIoT HW Probes continuously run checks of the integrity of network segments. We are testing known scenarios of all protected devices for its Vulnerabilities.

System reports discovered Vulnerabilities and deliver recommendations to the Customer how to fix them.

Each installation is tailored based on the complexity of Customer networks.

GuardIoT Management Engine is the tool to manage the security of Your heterogeneous IoT networks from a single point of control.


HW Probes


Our mission

Our mission at GuardIoT is to make sure that Smart Cities are also Safe Cities!


We do have a sustainable Vision of continuously evolving security solution for the IoT networks independent on the devices vendors, stressing "no Vendor Lock" and Zero Trust Architecture by Design.

Cybersecurity of IoT world all around us is a matter of life-critical importance. Let's make the world a safer place we do share together!


Our Team


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